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Admissions and Funding Information

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We would love to show you and your child around - please contact us to arrange a visit.

We can accept children from their 2nd birthday.

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07552 238793 (setting)
07716079424 (admin)
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Session Times

Monday to Friday - Term Time Only

We offer Half Day & Full Day Sessions

All Day: 9.15am - 3.15pm

Morning Only: 9.15am - 12.15pm

Morning + Lunch Club: 9.15am - 1.15pm

Lunch Club + Afternoon: 12.15pm - 3.15pm

NEW for Autumn Term

3.15pm-4.15pm Tues, Thurs, Fri £5 each

Term Dates

for 2022/23


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Fees & Funding

Questions & Answers

  • When does my child start to receive funding for their place?
    All children receive 570 hours funding per year (which is 15 hours per week if used term time only), starting from the term after the child's third birthday. The terms are 1 January to 31 March (Spring Term); 1 April to 31 August (Summer Term); 1 September to 31 December (Autumn Term). So if your child's third birthday falls between 1 January and 31 March, they will receive funding from 1 April; if their birthday falls between 1 April and 31 August, they will receive funding from 1 September; and if their birthday falls between 1 September and 31 December, they will receive funding from 1 January. From April 2024 there will be new funding available for working parents of 2 year old childrem
  • Can my child use their funding with more than one provider?
    Yes. Funding can be shared between different settings - you will need to let both settings know how much funding you wish each of them to claim. Depending on the total number of hours booked, you may need to pay fees to one or both providers. Devon County Council (who provide the funding) expect the providers to discuss the funding to avoid an overclaim, so you will need to let us have their contact details.
  • My child is only 2 years old - are they entitled to funding?
    Some 2 year olds receive funding. You may receive notification from Devon County Council. Even if you don't receive notification, you can still check if you are eligible online here or by phone 0345 155 1013. More information is available on the early years funding page of Devon County Council's website. From April 2024 there will be more funding available for working parents of 2 year olds.
  • How will I know if I am entitled to 2 year old funding for my child?
    NEW! From Autumn 2021 parents on the DWP list will be sent an invitation asking them to check their eligibilty on the Citizel Portal. Parents that are not on the list that are already known to be eligible will be sent confirmation of this by email from You must show this message to the setting as proof of your eligibility. If you have not recieved an invitation but think you may be eligible please go to the Devon County Council Citizen Portal to make an application You can find out more at Funded childcare for 2-year-olds - Education and Families ( There will be new funding available for working parents of 2 year olds from April 2024
  • Can I get 30 hours (extended) funding?
    Some families are eligible for 30 hours extended funding which would give you 1140 hours funding per year (30 hours per week, term time). This is not automatic - you need to check eligiblity at Childcare Choices. Scallywags cannot make the application for you. If your claim is successful, you must let us have the eligibility code before the term you wish to claim. We will need details of the code, and parent(s) National Insurance Number(s) before we can claim the funding. If you do not let us have the details, you may be charged for your child's place. You will need to re-confirm your code every 3 months or you may lose this additional funding.
  • What is your hourly chargeable rate?
    For hours above your funded entitlement, or if you are not yet entitled to funding our chargeable rate for our core sessions (09.15-15.15) is £4.90. The minimum bookable hours are 3 hours (1 session). The charge for early morning (8.15-9.15) or late afternoon sessions (15.15-16.15) is £5 (1hr) - these are subject to demand. We will invoice you each half term, for the coming half term. Our chargeable rate is reviewed annually and changes will be notified in advance whenever possible.
  • Do I have to pay for anything extra if we receive funding?
    Any hours above your funded entitlement and the extra early morning/late afternoon sessions are chargeable. Although we could make additional charges for items and services, at present we do not charge for extras except Uniform (However Uniform is not compulsory) Government funding does not cover all the costs associated with providing a child's place. We endeavour to make up the shortfall through fundraising and donations. We value the support of all families and friends with all our fundraising efforts - eg, raffle prizes, sponsorship, attending fundraising events. We also appreciate donations of food for snack time, and items such as cleaning products, as requested in our weekly Facebook posts. This helps to reduce our weekly expenses. Without fundraising and donations, it may become necessary to introduce charges in the future but we hope we can avoid that if everyone helps in whatever way they can.
  • What is Early Years Pupil Premium?
    Early Years Pupil Premium ("EYPP") is extra funding which some children are eligible for, subject to certain criteria. When your child becomes eligible for 3 year old funding Devon County Council will check if you are eligible for this and inform us. Further details here
  • Where can I find more information or check eligibility?
    Devon County Council's Early Years Funding website page Apply for Two Year Old Funding Childcare Choices website - the Government's webpage with links to different funding options, including the Tax Free Childcare account, where you can open an account to pay childcare costs which the Government tops up.
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